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Why Life Coaching

I get this question a lot from friends, family, strangers. I think the simplest answer is that I love to connect and impact myself and others. It's simple and so very true.

Since the pandemic hit this isolation has given me a bigger and deeper desire to pursue this career.

I have always been fascinated with psychology and the helping field but I was not ready to explore that passion of mine yet. Until Now…

The fact that I had this time to realize that I can help people in my own way was extremely liberating. It was a realization that happened very suddenly and spontaneously. But I think subconsciously it has always been in me. I have always been a motivator and an empath. I have always been able to connect with others and meet them where they were emotionally. That's another why this passion and potential career is so beautiful and organic for me.

It's like performing. I am also a musician and performing is in my blood. My coaching style is high energy just like when I am performing on a stage. I get to be who I want to be and help people however they need me to help them. It's an enormously fulfilling passion to have.

Yeah, this all just feels so right. I am so happy and thankful for 2020, despite the isolation and uncertainty, giving myself the time I need to explore and create something for myself has been so exciting.

Thanks for showing up!

Jonah Cohn Coaching

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